Welcome to the World of BEYBLADE
Welcome to the world of Beyblade; this is the story of a group of passionate Bladers who follow their dreams on an unforgettable journey to the top.

Valt Aoi, runner-up at the Japanese National Tournament, travels to Spain after being scouted by the prestigious Spanish club, BC Sol. With the world as their stage, Valt and friends face daily challenges in their fight to make it to the World League. But before they can earn the right to a spot, they must first prove themselves in the European League. Will Valt be able to lead BC Sol to ultimate victory? And once there, does he stand a chance of beating the best Bladers on the planet? So begins the story of Valt’s evolution as he battles his way to the pinnacle of the Blading world.

  • Episode 1

    Fresh Start! Valtryek's Evolution!

    After being scouted by the world-renowned Beyblade team BC Sol, Valt Aoi arrives in Spain. With this new adventure comes the pressure of the world stage. Can he prove that he has what it takes to become an international sensation?

  • Episode 2

    Fighting Spirit! Berserk Roktavor!

    After missing his first day at BC Sol, Valt must beat the fierce competition to earn his spot on the team. At tryouts, he reunites with a buddy from back home. With only one slot up for grabs, they’ll have to put aside their friendship and give it their all.

  • Episode 3

    Drain Fafnir! Winding Up!

    With a match against Sunbat United coming up, BC Sol hosts internal tryouts to select their squad. Those who want a chance to represent the club will need to challenge top-ranked Blader and team captain Free De La Hoya. Who will have what it takes to counter Drain Fafnir’s one-of-a-kind battling style?

  • Episode 4

    Whirlwind! Tempest Wyvron!

    Thousands of miles away from home, Valt and Rantaro get the chance to face off against a familiar face. They’re both excited to show off their Beys’ new abilities, but Valtryek and Roktavor aren’t the only ones to have evolved. Even with Free’s guidance, will Valt be able to unlock Valtryek’s hidden potential?

  • Episode 5

    Surprise Attack! Kinetic Satomb!

    BC Sol and Sunbat United lock horns in a friendly match, but the action is anything but. Valt may have gone up against Silas Karlisle before, but he’s never seen him launch like this! Will Free unleash his own signature launch to even the score?